Original Sumner Online Content (OSOC) can create professional websites and blogs for your business or personal use.

Websites and blogs can be used for pretty much anything online including;

  • selling products and services
  • providing information
  • sharing experiences

Before setting up a website or blog

There are a number of things you should consider for websites and blogs before you set one up.

All online content is different, so giving an exact amount of costs without discussing what you’d like is difficult. You may find that there are options available that would help you get more from your online content, for example, using a tailored online form instead of your email address for people to contact you, using an online booking form or taking payments online.

What to consider with websites

You should consider the following if you’re thinking about creating a website:

  • what is the aim of your website?
  • costs
  • how frequently will you need to update your content?
  • how accessible can you make your website content?
  • is it the most suitable online platform for you, e.g. should you use a social media account instead?

Website costs

There are a number of costs for designing and running a website.

There are different costs for different types of websites.

Basic websites
  • Example content: Information pages and contact form
  • Recommended for: Individuals, trades and weddings
  • Estimated cost: £200 to £500

Advanced websites

  • Example content: Information pages, contact form, other online forms and basic online facilities.
  • Recommended for: Schools, sports teams, town and community councils and trades
  • Estimated cost: £500 to £1,000

E-commerce websites

  • Example content: Information pages, online forms, product pages, online facilities.
  • Recommended for: Businesses looking to sell products online
  • Estimated cost: £1,000 and over

There are costs to running a website which you should think about when planning how much you can spend.

Domains (non-government)

Domain names vary in cost according to their type and the more popular the name, the more expensive it will be.

Estimated cost: £3 to £20 a year


Every website needs to be hosted on a server so that it’s available on the internet to users and customers. We used shared website hosting, which is where multiple sites are hosted on a single server.

Estimated cost: £85 a year


Almost every website needs regular updates or changes. We always try and make maintaining content as easy as possible with any website we design. You might want to add more pages or sections after your website is up and running.

Estimated cost: £50 an hour. Find out about our support.

More information

Find out more about website costs:

Website guidance

Read our guidance for advice on getting the most from your website.

What to consider with blogs

You should consider the following before creating a blog:

  • can you post content regularly?
  • costs
  • will you allow comments on your blog posts and can you respond to them quickly?
  • can you make your blog content accessible for everyone?
  • is a blog the best social media channel for your content?

Blog Costs

Help with blogs can be mean a variety of things such as advice on a post, designing a blog and more. You may also need support from us, find out about our support.

Estimated cost: £50 an hour.

Get a website or blog from OSOC

If you would like us to create a new website or blog for you or your business, you can send us a request online and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can build the perfect website or blog for your needs.

What happens after making a request

After completing the online request form, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know that we’ve received it and we’ll contact you within five working days to:

  • confirm the total cost
  • let you know the amount of time it will take to create the website or blog
  • discuss any other information