Original Sumner Online Content (OSOC) is an official registrar that supports Jisc domains. This means we can apply for the following government domain names for your organisation (if eligible):

  • ac.uk
  • gov.uk
  • gov.scot
  • gov.wales
  • llyw.cymru

Check the .gov.uk registry list of registrars (external website). This list is in alphabetical order (we’re under ‘O’).

Organisations eligible for a government domain name

Most public sector organisations must use a government domain name for their websites, emails and services, but there are circumstances when an organisation can get a non-government domain name or when it qualifies for an exemption.

Check if your organisation can get a government domain name (external website)

Apply for a new government domain name

If you’d like us to apply for a new government domain name for your organisation, you’ll need to apply to us online.

Before applying for a new government domain name, we recommend that you read GOV.UK’s guidance on applying for a government domain name (external website).

After making an application

If your application can be submitted to the Government Digital Service (GDS), GDS will contact you to confirm your identity before reviewing your .gov.uk domain name application.

We will let you know:

  • if we need any more information for your application
  • the outcome of your application

Successful applications

If your application is successful, we will send you an invoice to pay the cost. If the outstanding amount for the new domain name is not paid by the due date, the domain name can be lost.

Renewing a government domain name

Government domain names have to be renewed every two years. You can only renew through us if we applied for your current domain. If you obtained your current domain name through us, we will contact you 2 months before you need to renew.

How much do government domains cost?

The baseline cost for a new government domain name is £100 plus VAT for the first 2 years. The renewal fee every 2 years after that is £50 plus VAT. We charge a fee of £50 to apply for a new government domain and £30 for renewals.